RABAK Dahlia

Relaxs At Bidayuh Authentic Kupou

Jalan Kampung Seropak/Jalan Kampong Krokong Puak, 94000 Bau, Sarawak

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What to do at RABAK Dahlia

Experience Bidayuh Culture

Visit an indigenous Bidayuh community to see how they lived their daily lifestyle. Go with the Bidayuh folks to their rice fields or see how they tap rubber. You can also help them in their farming activities or go fishing using a line and a hook or a net. Follow them to forage for plants and fruits in the jungle for their daily diet. Learn how to make baskets from young bamboo. See their attires for special occasions and learn their dance. 



You can take a walk in the jungle around RABAK Dahlia or if you are more adventurous, you can go jungle trekking or swim at Red Bridge or take a hike to Tringgus waterfall. During the fruit season, you can visit the local orchard or go into the jungle to enjoy local fruits like durians, rambutans, langsat, mangosteens and other fruits found in the jungle. Watch out for the animals who may also have the same idea as you. Look out for exotic jungle plants and insects. You may discover new species.

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Visit to nearby places of interest

Fairy Cave and Wind Cave

Fairy cave is a limestone cave with the entrance about 100 feet above ground. There is a staircase for visitors to climb to the entrance. You would have to climb up another flight of steps inside the cave before you can see the wonder of the cave before your eyes. Inside the cave, there are ready made steps to assist visitors to climb to the top of the cave and its surrounding area. Enjoy the skylight streaming in from the upper entrance to the cave. Wind cave is about 10 minutes drive from Fairy cave. Inside Wind cave there are also plank walk and steps for visitors. As Wind cave is very dark, visitors have to bring torches to light their way through the cave.

fairy cave

Serikin Shopping Spree

Serikin is a town bordering Indonesia on Borneo Island. Here are stalls selling assorted goods from Indonesia from mats to cooking utensils to fabrics. The stalls are opened only on Saturday and Sunday. This place is a favourite among the local Sarawakians and the Malaysians from the Peninsular as the goods are a real bargain. You can reach Serikin in about 45 minutes from RABAK Dahlia.



At RABAK Dahlia, you can have a party with friends. You can do roasts or barbeque at the barbeque pit. You can also cook your food in bamboo and enjoy the aroma of food spiced with smoke from the firewood and the bamboo containers. Enjoy your food with a can of beer as you watch the stars and listen to the night calls of insects / animals around you.


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