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Jalan Kampung Seropak/Jalan Kampong Krokong Puak, 94000 Bau, Sarawak

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Sustainable living

Gloria Dom had dreams of using RABAK Dahlia to promote sustainable living and going back to the basics for city dwellers. Individuals and groups are welcome to try their hands at farming, cooking with firewood and using bamboo as cooking utensils. Gloria also hoped that individuals or groups that believe and promote sustainable living can share their knowledge with the village folks.

Helping the women

Most of the women folks in the surrounding villages are housewives. However, they do some amount of farming in their paddy fields, some animal husbandry and basket weaving. Although most of the women are literate but they need help to boost their confidence, and be enlightened with women issues like home business, financial literacy and family health. At RABAK Dahlia, the ground floor of the hall is meant for this purpose of teaching and sharing. Any individuals or groups who are willing to help the women folks are most welcome.

Helping the children

Life in the village is slow moving especially for the children after school. Gloria also believed that children should be exposed to reading materials at an early age. At RABAK Dahlia, a corner is set up as a library for the village children. Used reading materials for children are being sourced. Much help is needed to read to the children in English.

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